Minor Ubuntu News

Just a few words today:

  • There has been an update to the Ubuntu 14.04 on the Intel Compute Stick. For me the main change is that Bluetooth now works properly: it was always on apter power-off. Now it is kept in the previous state (off in my case – I use a wired ethernet and both USB keyboard and mouse). No other issues so far.
  • The Ubuntu Touch was updated. The update is still not available fom my phone. But after reading the bugs that can be solved in the next update (some of them are introduced now), I’m not sure if I want to install the current one. It seems that there is still lot of work to finish or enhance the basic functions of the phone and new features are added much slower than they were announced.
  • Finally there are some more informations and pictures related to the announced LibreOffice viewer app for the Ubuntu Touch. This is the most important thing that I miss on my phone (I really don’t want to use any “office” on the phone but many people still tend to send even simple things encapsulated in a “word” or an “excel” files…). But an application to communicate with the Pebble watches is on my wishlist, too…
Minor Ubuntu News

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