NanoNote in use

There was no new item for a very long time. I is not because I abandoned my NanoNote or because I decided to quit my blog. The reason is simple: I actually use my NanoNote on daily basis and I haven’t find anything interesting or unusual.

So what is new? There are some interesting posts on the Hans Bezemer’s blog. Obviously, there is progress on software side. For example, one can find the Love2D game library and some sample games>. Also there are new software images with bug fixed, with more software (console font changes are more easy) and so.

NanoNote as music player

Honestly, I still have using old software image from June just because it works for me. I actually don’t need graphical application starter nor smaller console font nor other enhancements. And I don’t want to do any changes on machine which which currently serves as my main portable computer.

And what software I use most frequently in these days? Here is a list:

  • Remind calendar and reminder.
  • task manager.
  • Hierarchical notebook as outliner, notetaking tool as a supplemental checklist manager.
  • SnowNews RSS feed reader.
  • Vim text editor (for longer texts, programming,..).
  • SDCV console based dictionary.
  • GMU music player.

Less frequently I use other pieces of software like sc spreadsheet, QuickCalc and Mathomatic calculators, imgv image viewer and NanoMap mapping software.

I used my NanoNote as my only computer during my latest trip to Valencia and it was ideal for my needs. It was always available (because it easily fits in any pocket) and it was able to do any work that I can expect from laptop (notetaking, e-mail, IM, calendars, basic reading of PDF and office files etc, of course except TeX compilations as I still haven’t tried to install the TeX). I also had my OpenMoko phone with me but I used it only as a GPS device (and as a phone, of course).

NanoNote in use

Freerunner phone: SHR update

I have finally updated software on my Neo FreeRunner cell phone.

I have using the SHR Linux distribution for more than one year and I am less or more satisfied with it. But I didn’t wanted to update the phone before return from traveling so I have updated only recently. So I never used the new Illume2 environment before.

SHR desktop with Gry theme

What is bad?

The older environment (pictured above) have looked better to me (and it also was bit more practical). But OK, I can live with the new one (see below). And it is also less buggy and it is actively developed.

SHR desktop (Illume2)

The bad thing is that of by older Gtk+ applications now can’t work – I have to recompile them. It looks like easy task but setting up of the building environment (compilers, libraries,..) in not so easy. So I can’t use them right now.

What is good?

The good thing is that there is finally an useful calculator – the Gaculator from the GNOME desktop.
It includes all the functionality that I need (I don’t need too much: trigonometric functions and ability to use degrees is enough for me…). And trere is also the Gnuplot plotting program. Actually, I use my Ben NanoNote much more frequently for these things but it is sometimes useful to have such software on the phone, too.

I also updated the bootloader from old U-Boot to newer Qi and the GPS chip now can works even after suspend and resume (it still need a lot of time to get a fix, though). That’s nice.

Final notes

I still miss a good e-mail client and a RSS reader but it is not a big issue because a use the Mutt and the SnowNews on my Nanonote.

Galculator on SHR

Still I must say that the phone environment is more eye-candy but the simple textual environment on the NanoNote is much, much more productive.

Ben NanoNote and Neo FreeRunner

Freerunner phone: SHR update