Owner’s Workshop Manual…

Just got this:

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Why? Because it’s interesting. I would prefer a little less history and more technical informations but it’s just my opinion.

If we stay just on topics related to computing, there are some interesting facts.
One needs a pretty lightly-specced computer to fly a space ship:

RAM: 2 kB 
Disk/ROM: 16 kB
I/O rate: 80 000 Kbps
Speed: 200-22 operations per second

That’s are main data of the 16-bit Argon-16 computer which was used in the Soyuz spaceships from 1974 to 2010. It weights about 70 kg and needs 280 W of power. It has up to about 60 data inputs and everything (CPU/RAM/ROM) is tripled in order to reach maximum reliability. It is said that the computer itself has no single recorded failure in the space.

This thing was produced from 1974 to (at least) 2010. And it was programmed in the C language, by the way.

There is more info about the family of Argon computers.

Of course, the book includes a lot of info about the Soyuz spaceships themselves. I can definitely recommend it.

Owner’s Workshop Manual…

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