BASIC on Android

Just a short note: I tried to understand what to use the SmallBasic on an Android tablet.

This works for me:

  • the Total Commander can both run the interpreter and editor for the *.BAS files
  • the Vim Touch can edit the files (the syntax highlighting is available)

That’s quite easy and effective.

BASIC on Android

SGI once more

My use of computers radically changed during the last year. It’s due to changes of my work. For a while I have been rather a manager then the researcher. Honestly, it is not what I want. But in 2014 it was a reality for me.

Thus I have had to change the equipment that I have used. For example I have been used the Windows computer for about 70% of my work time (for compatibility with some proprietary data formats). And I have started to dislike that thing even more.

So at home I increased my use of my old desktop, the SGI O2. I still feel much more comfortable with this computer. And I actually using the desktop more than previously.

There are things that are hard to be done on such workstation. I’m working on some computations that require at more than 2 GB of the RAM. So I use my Ultra 20 here (with dual-core Opteron, 4 GB of RAM and the Linux).  Some modern webs require too much Javascript or other modern things (including the comments engine at, unfortunately). OK, I use my Linux laptop for them.

Anyway, the Links web browser can acceptably access 99% of that part of the Internet that is interesting for me (the modern pages look ugly without a CSS support but they are readable). The Gopher is also not a problem (of course). Some communication is still possible: there is the  Thunderbird for e-mails. Someone even ported a working Climm version to the IRIX recently (it’s a console ICQ client). There are even dedicated on-line tools for the IRIX – the most interesting is an eBay client (the RACbay).

And I still mainly use the TeX and Gvim to make texts, letters and articles (and the JabRef to maintain the references). I also do some programming here (the C, the Tcl/Tk,  and recently the BASIC – I actively dislike both the Perl and the Python). I’m not sure if a    use of the Octave is a programming but I do it, too. It you are curious why I started to use the BASIC – it’s because I want to make some software for my pocket toys (Elektronika MK-85 and MK-90, and also to run these program in the SmallBasic on the Palm III). I have found that the Bywater BASIC Interpreter compiles without issues and it works well on the IRIX (2.20.x – it’s the second latest version available at the With some care the programs can be used (re-typed) on the Elektronikas, too.

I have several emulators here: the DOSbox, the SIMH (to emulate the PDP-11, of course) and a few others.

About games: there are some SGI demos that are actually games (both 2D and 3D ones) and some ports from more common operating systems (the DOOM, the Quake, the BZflag and Andy Johnson’s Battalion, for example). But I don’t play too much. 

There are also some good applications for the O2, such the Pegamento. It’s a nice tool for image composing. But in general I don’t work with graphics too much.

That’s probably all for now.

SGI once more