New software image for Ben NanoNote and more

There is a new OpenWRT software image for the Ben NanoNote, the 2012-04-04.

There are good news and also some bad ones: the Linux kernel was updated to the version 3 (it’s 3.2.1 here) and the atben wireless module should work.

The bad news are that in connection with the change of the system C library there are some non-functional (even non-compilable) packages. The guys from the community have been hardly working on these problems so packages like the Octave, and the Gnuplot are already back. But now there are no Gtk+ nor Qt application available. Also the onboard gcc compiler is unavailable at the moment.

So now I’m using this software image on my testing machine (and I must say that it is stable and it works well) but I’m keeping an old 2011-08-27 version on my primary Ben for the daily use.

Alfilesel file selection on Ben NanoNote

There is one another good thing: David Kuehling wrote a graphical file selector. It looks much better than my simple script and is also faster and easier for use. It is a basic and important thing because a log of Ben’s application come without such dialog (the Imgv image viewer or the NuPDF viewer, for example).

New software image for Ben NanoNote and more