Holidays in Austria

Idylic Austrian village

We (me and my wife) were (once more) in the area of the Salzkammergut in Austria. We came by train (about 6 hours with 2 changes from Ostrava to Obertraun) and spend time in some light hiking and visiting of via ferratas (klettersteig) near the Obertraun.

Hallstatt from the viewing platform

The first nice thing is that Hallstatt city is very close so one can go there by walk (3-4 km). Thus we visited the salt mine with its attractions (sliding on wood and the train inside the mine…) and then walked to a waterfall on the Waldbach stream. The walk is pretty nice and the waterfall is even better.

Waterfall over Hallstatt

There are other nice things (caves inside Krippenstein mountain, a small klettersteig jus near the Obertraun and two more near the Hallstatt and even three more at the Krippenstein). But in the limited time we only visited the caves and then the Katrin klettersteig near the Bad Ischl. It’s accessible by a cable car from the city (a 45 min of walk on a forest path is required from the cable car station) and it is relatively light (B/C) and with nice views (many lakes are visible, and the Bad Ischl, too). At the cable car station there is a nice restaurant with great food (please note that after the klettersteig I can eat and drink anything that I can see so my assessment of the quality can be influenced by this fact – but I still thing that the food was great) and there is a possibility to hiking to several surrounding hilltops (about 1200~1400 m, the cable car is around 1200 m)

Bad Ischl

P.S. For the computing: the phone (with Ubuntu Touch) is enough for checking weather forecast and the Palm III is fine for reading. We have had a tablet here but find no use for it…

Holidays in Austria