Some interesting news

Actually, there are many interesting things related to the Ben NanoNote:

New OpenWRT-based firmware is available. There are many small updates and fixes but also some new applications and features, like an accelerated video playback in the MPlayer.

Gmenu2x on NanoNote

Tuxbrain started to produce wireless cards for the NanoNote. They are not WiFi but there are versions bot for the NanoNote and for Linux computers (software support is not finished, yet but if works is some way).

UBB-VGA in action

There is also another extension – a UBB-VGA card by Werner Almesberger (he is also the author of the wireless cards). It can be very practical for presentations from the NanoNote.
Full documentation is available so anyone can built. Unfortunatelly, soldering is not my hobby so I haven’t tried to build this card, yet.

Some interesting news