MicroDef (not for NanoNote, yet)

Well, I haven’t updated my blog for a long time. The reasons are obvious: I’m very busy because of my new position at the university.

My Ben NanoNote still works as expected, there are no exciting news. In other hand, one can find a lot of extremely interesting things from the NanoNote community, for example Werner Almesberger created a VGA extension card for the NanoNote.

Now I’m trying to port my small program called MicRodef to the NanoNote. The porting itself is an easy task but it have to be redesigned for a small screen without pointing device first. Which is a bit more complicated.

MicroDef 0.0.12: -tmp-111.dfr

Honestly, it is still not ported. But I finally have managed to add some colors to plots. Not a big deal but now it looks much better. By the way the source code is here: https://github.com/jurabr/microdef/

MicroDef (not for NanoNote, yet)