Psion MC400

I have got the PSION MC400 laptop. It’s externally (and internally, too) very similar to the MC600 machine that I have had already (see the photo below). There are two main differences: it has a huge touchpad (an early one, it’s a bit strange) and it runs a very early version of the EPOC/Symbian operating system.

Psion MC600 and Workabout vs Ben NanoNote

I have been enthusiastic about the DOS-based MC600 machine but I am much less happy about this one. It’s a nice example of engineegging work, it can be usefull even today but it’s closed operating system and a very limited number of available applications (my machine has just the englisth version of the “Word” application, even the Agenda and the calculator applications aren’t included) so it’t real use is too limited. The much more primitive and non-graphical operating system of the MC600 is much more supported and I can easily write new applications for this machine if I need them (in the C language, for example). The MC400 can be programmed only with use of an early version of the propietary OPL language with a limited support for the GUI features of the machine (it was open-sourced a very long time after end of life of the MC range of machines) 😦

So it’s a nice piece for my collection but it’s surely not a computer which I am able to use.

Psion MC400