Well, that’s a quite interesting hobby. I was able to resist for a long time. But recently I have got a dedicated hiking GPS device (of course, I got it for a totally different purpose – I have wanted to have GPS for my bicycle).

One of my colleagues convinced me to try the geocaching. I thought that it is not so good idea but I have tried it and I have found the geocaching somewhat interesting. Honestly, a searching of caches is the main reason for me but is seems that many of the caches are really located near very interesting places. For example, this weekend I visited two beautiful places in nearby forest, for example. I didn’t knew about them previously.

Forest near Vřesina

The device that I’m have using is very good (it’s durable, it has a very long battery life and it uses the standard AA batteries) but of course it isn’t and open source device. So it can not be modified to fulfill all of my needs. And the maps for it are quite expensive. But there are open-source maps for it: the OpenStreepMap ones.

I still plan to connect a serial GPS receiver to my Ben NanoNote microcomputer. It probably will not be as usefull as a dedicated GPS but it might be usefull for navigation (and even for a geocaching) in urban areas. I hope that I will be able to find some time for that project.