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  1. Hi Jirka,

    I found your website very interesting, and maybe you can help me with my nanonote. I got an Spectec wifi card on SD format, and I bought a SD to microSD adaptor so it will fit to the nanonote. Using the latest firmware, I see the card recognized in the slot, as mmc0, but I’m not able to load the ks7010 module and take into consideration the card. I’m now stucked on this point, and very fustrated. I tried to configure the “wireless” file, but I get an error message and it does work.

    How was your experience? Straight forward?

    The information from the wiki does not work for me and maybe I miss something, a driver or I don’t know.

    Well, thanks in advance, and any help would be much appreciated.


  2. Hello Jose,

    I still use fairly old firmware on my NanoNote so I’m not sure if I have up to date knowledge on this topic.

    But I can imagine several possible cases of your problem:

    – SD card have to be inserted after boot (you should start the nanonote without the card and insert it only when the machine is fully booted – don’t ask me why, I don’t know)
    – is the ks7010 module available in your version of the firmware?
    – the wiki says that some firmware files have to be installed on the nanonote (I don’t know if it is mandatory but I did it: ks7010sd.rom, ks79xx.cfg): http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Ben_NanoNote_Wi-Fi#Ben_Nanonote_Wi-Fi_howto
    – is your SpecTec card the particular model which is supported by bs7010 driver? Spectec have produced several SC/microSD cards with different internals (and only one of these chipsets is supported)

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