BlackBird Saga: 5. Waiting for Blackbird

The promised delivery date was “Q1 of 2019”. I have had enough experience with small technology companies so it was obvious for me that the date is too optimistic. So I used the time to obtain the parts necessary to complete the system:

  • a computer case (the Fractal Design Basic one – at least it’s black),
  • two 8GB ECC DRAM sticks from the Kingston,
  • a Seasonic FOCUS PFU,
  • a GPU board (the AMD WX4100),
  • a 512GB SDD drive (an Intel one, for some reason).

As I have expected, the Raptor announced some delays in delivery. The final date of first shipping was May 15. They actually were able to sent the first packages that day but I have wait until June 15 for the shipping notice (my Blackbird’s serial number is 142, by the way).

I have had the works experiences with the USPS but in this case they worked perfectly. Their tracking was able to show more than the usual “on its fay to the next facility” and when it reached the Czech Republic they provide better and more up-to-date tracking informations than the local post service. The package was delivered at June 29 (thus just 2 weeks after it was shipped)! I don’t say that for example the Uzbek State Post Service is worse but I was very positively surprised.

BlackBird Saga: 5. Waiting for Blackbird

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