BlackBird Saga: 4. BlackBird

There have been probably more people who have wanted to get a modern POWER/PowePC desktop but were not interested to get so big or so expensive system. So the Raptor people designed the Blackbird – a miniATX mainboard with a single CPU socket and two RAM slots. It still has been a workstation-class thing with POWER CPU and ECC RAM but it’s small, with lower power demand. It is also considerably less expensive (first I wanted to use the word “cheaper” but a $999 mainboard is not actually “cheap”, I think). The price for so small dimensions is the ability to use 8-core CPU and just 2 RAM sticks (no more than 256GB of RAM in total) as maximum. And there are only 2 PCIe slots (one 16-lane for a GPU and one 8-lane). Well, it looked like thing designed especially for my needs! Pre-orders were opened in November 2018.

BlackBird Saga: 4. BlackBird

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