Computing in 2019: plans

First I have to explain where this site is almost dead. There are some reasons but the main is that I use my Gopher site to publish my thoughts. This happened not only because I like the simplicity and oldschoolness of the gopher:// protocol but also because the WordPress is no longer feasible on my main desktop computer (after 14 years it still is the Silicn Graphics O2 workstation).

Well, at the moment I’m using my laptop which is a bit newer so it can handle the WordPress better.

So what is my home computing just now? The desktop is, of course, the Silicn Graphics O2. I do here almost all off-line work like making of articles and presentations (Vim, Gnuplot, GNU Octave, XFig, LaTeX), programming (Vim, gcc, BWBASIC), music playback (XMMS), agenda (GNU Remind, todo.txt, JPilot) and so. I use the SGI 1600SW widescreen LCD for the O2.

During time I had to introduce the institution of a second desktop which is used to interface USB devices and for “modern” WWW browsing (i.e. for browsing of all pages which are insecure or even unavailable for the SGI O2 and its browsers: the Firefox 2 and the Links 2). At the moment this service is provided by the ODROID XU-3 which is hidden in a Mini Indigo case.

The laptop is now the GPD Pocket. It was out of service for several months because of the faulty battery but finally I managed to get a new one and now I use it. It also means that my Gemini PDA now shares the shelf with the PSION and is no more actively used (it was a handy replacement when the GPD was unavailable but it’s an Android device with some hardware flaws so it cannot compete with a real computer with actual Unix-like OS).

The PDA is the Palm IIIx because mankind developed nothing better, yet. I actually use a IIIx for home use (offline www reading, passwords, unit conversion and other fas calculations and so) and a IIIXe for outdoor uses like shopping, making of field notes, taking pictures with the PalmPix and as backup device for geocaching. With the Metro I can even search for tram connections but all Metro databases for Czech cities are horribly outdated. I have been thinking about making a new one (at least for the Ostrava) but still done nothing in this direction. And as a phone I sue the PUNKT MP01

The last important things my ethernet router. I use an old and cheap TP-Link thing for more than 5 years and sometimes also a Belkin WiFi router for devices which have no Ethernet connector.

I also have several others computers awailable but they are not used too often: the SGI Indy, the SGI Indigo and the the IBM Intellistation 285. And several pocket computers and laptops, too.

Now the plans. There are two big changes planned. The first is to replace both routers (the TP-Link and the Belkin) with the Turris MOX device. If it arrives after all then at first I will try to use it as a Belkin replacement. Then, it if will work, I will try replace the TP-Link device, too. It’s modular and I already have ordered all modules necessary for this role.

The second thing might be less important now but it’s a big one. I plan to change my primery workstation. Of course, I don’t wish to use something compatible with the x86_64 paltform so I opted for the Raptor Engineering’s BlackBird. I will use a stock PC case for it so visually it will not be comparable nor with the O2 nor with the IntelliStation. But it should be faster than both of them. Of course I don’t think that I will be able to replace my O2 (with its heavily customised environment) so easily. Thus it should replace the ODROID at first. When I will be able to use the Blackbird as such then I will start to phase out the O2. The problem is that I’m accustomed to the FVMW but I have no clue how to effectively combine it with requirements of modern desktop services (the IRIX is much simpler and can handle many things easily, today’s Linux, ehm, I mean the systemd, is not).

The rest should remain as is. My phone is new and I’m actually satisfied with it. It noen of my Palm break then I will usem them, too. An I hope that the new battery of my GPD Pocket will be better than the original one (it survived only one year of regular use).

Computing in 2019: plans

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