Ubuntu Touch OTA-12 Update

I installed the new update of the Ubuntu Touch today. Only on my tablet at the moment. There are some impressions:

  • External keyboard support is improved: easy switching by Win+Space, AltGr support, works well in X11/Xorg applications, too. No external keyboard layout indication is available, though.
  • Xorg support improved. I am now able to compile and run my own X11 programs. The whole thing seems to be more stable, too. There still is no working clipboard support between X11 and native applications.

The TeX works (the TeXlive can be installed), the gcc works and the GNU Octave works.. Well, the ParaView is even not available for install.

Freshly compiled uFEM on Ubuntu Touch

There are still many rough edges (for example the way how multiple windows in Xorg emulaton works – you have to switch them by clicking o a small symbol in an ugly titlebar) but at the moment I am able to use it as a notebook replacement (the only really missign thing is a support of external VGA screens: the 1920×1020 or so is not an option for the most of dataprojectors around).

Of course, lot of things is impractical and not very configurable due to the limitations of the mobile operating system.

Ubuntu Touch OTA-12 Update

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