Aquaris M10: first few notes

Yes, I do have one of these. It is cool to have a real Ubuntu tablet. But don’t expect any wonders.

A few first impressions and notes:

  • It isn’t fast. The performance is rather average. But it was expected, I think. So no problem here.
  • There is a XMir to run full Xorg-based applications. But they look ugly (no theme is applied on them).
  • One cannot use virtual keyboard for these Xorg application. Just a Bluetooth one (so no Firefox or in the tablet mode…).
  • There is no way to switch layouts of the hardware keyboard at the moment. One can use, for example, a Czech keyboard (and it works well) but it is niot possible to change it to an English one in an easy way. It is delcared as a work in progress.
  • One cannot install more Xorg applications in an easy way. This isn’t nice. So you will be limited to the Gimp, the Firefox, the OpenOffice and the Gedit.

More on that topic later. I don’t say that I’m not happy with my tablet. But there is a bit more limitiations that I expected.

Aquaris M10: first few notes

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