Some use of Palm III PDA

I have realised that I use my Palm III relatively frequently. Aclually, I have it sits on my desk all the time. There are some applications that I used imore frequently in the past (the EasyCalc or the DopeWars) and I also limited to use its PIM functions (a calendar, a to-do list or the notetaking appliication). I also don’t read e-books on the Palm as frequently as I did before ten years.

But I still have some use for this tiny computer. It is used to store of passwords as I don’t want so save some of them in the machines connected to the Internet (well, one can use any Zaurus for that, too).

Using Palm III with IRIX desktop

I also use it for some BASIC programming. It’s mostly done for fun as the pen-based input is slightly complicated for this use. Anyway, I have (and use) a portable keyboard for the Palm. It makes code writing much faster. I have an older version (0.6) of the SmallBASIC installed. It can be used to write not only text-based programs but also for graphical ones (but not GUI-based). The speed of interpretation is not guite good (its fast enough for most of my needs, much faster than BASIC on my Elektronika computers).

But the main use of the Palm is a bit different. In these days I often don’t have too furf the web. So I do batch download of several pages of my interest and then read them on the Palm. I use Plucker application for this. The web pages can be converted to the Plucker format by the jPluck application, for example (yes, it uses Java, it is slow, old and unsecure). Of course, it is necessary to do not include the images due to space limitations of the Palm (the Plucker supports images, even color ones – but my Palm screen on ly recognises a few shades of gray). Then the pages can be transferred to the Palm via the pilot-xfer tool.

The reading is easy, the Plucker viewer is quite straightforward. It has several nice features: the parts of the viewed texts can be copied to the Palms integrated Memo application. And the unaccessible web links can be exported too.

The text export is prety usefull if one has to try some basic codes, for example from And the link export is even more usefull – the memos can be synchronised (I’m lasy to use command line tool for that so I use the JPilot) with the desktop applications and then opened in the WWW browser. I’m doing this with some action servers: I copy results of my standard search routine to the Palm for offline viewing and when I have the time then I open just the interesting items on the desktop.

But don’t worry, I’m not going to abandon my Linux gadgets and use the Palm exclusively: this text was written on the Zaurus during in a train…

Some use of Palm III PDA

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