Downgrade (a sort of)

Among others, I have an old and semi-working Zaurus SL-C750. I got it mainly for some experiments. It has damaged sound chip and its cosmetic conditions are also quite poor. Also the hinges are not perfect. I also got it with a poor battery. Except these issues the device works well (a perfect screen and a keyboard, working data card slots and no stability issues).

I initially installed a high-capacity battery (the same that is in C3xxx and C1xxx models) and a larger battery doors. But I find that this Zaurus is not used frequently so the bigger battery is probably not necessary. It was also my oldest battery and the most heavily used one – an original one – which was removed from my SL-C3200 Zaurus. So it’s remaining capacity was also quite limited.

On the other side, it makes sense to have a slimmer Zaurus for infrequent use (the SL-C3200 is quite thick for my liking). So I have found a new small battery (an original replacement part for Zauri) and put it into the device.
So the Zaurus is now a bit lighter and much thinner and thus easier to handle.

The battery life is a big unknown now. It should be expected that it should allow about 3 hours of continuous use (which is enough for my typical use) or even more. The sleep time may be more important. Now I only know that 12 hours of sleeeping resulted in use o 5% of the battery capacity.

I tried to put a Hitachi Microdrive (a real harddisk in a small form factor) to the CompactFlash slot and use it for some compilations. It resulted is use of 15% of battery in about 15 minutes. The HDD is power-hungry so it’s seems to be OK.

A first week long use indicates that even with the small battery it can survive whole week in suspend without charging. And the second week of use was the same – no problems with battery life. That’s nice. As I use the Zaurus infrequently it means that I can have it always ready for use without being too worried about an empty battery.

Downgrade (a sort of)

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