Peble SmartWatch – top apps

At the moment I use the Pebble Smartwatch mostly off-line. Now it works well with Ubuntu Touch (via the RockWork) but I don’t need to be always connected. I do sync the phone calendar with the TimeLine on the Pebble but nothing more. The rest of use is off-line.

I have experienced the screen image distortion problem but it his rather random. So I decided to ignore it.

Four of Pebble SmartWatch Screens

I use 3.x firmware on the smartwatch. My list of favourite applications is (the order is based on usage frequency):

  1. Mondaine watchface
  2. Alarms
  3. Misfit
  4. Calendar
  5. Stopwatch
  6. Compass
  7. Unit Versal
  8. Tilt Calc
  9. Drug Wars
  10. Timer
Peble SmartWatch – top apps

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