Top ten software on Palm OS

Yes, I sometimes use Palm stuff. I have a small collection of Palm III devices and clones (all have Motorola DragonBall CPUs). At the moment I use a Palm IIIx. Its one of the high-end models (good CPU, good screen, 4 MB of RAM, OS 4.1…).

I used to use a Palm device on daily basis – the Palm Vx was actually my very first PDA (I seld it in 2006, I think). Recently I have found that I am still quite good in writting of the Grafitti, thus I decided to start to use the Palms a bit more.

The Palm can be easily synchronised with my desktop (with pilot-xfer and/or JPilot) an it can easily exchange data with the Zaurus machines via IR. And its default PIM apps are simple but effective.

I use these programs frequently:

  1. Plucker
  2. SmallBASIC
  3. Keyring
  4. ToDo
  5. Memo
  6. CSpotRUN
  7. DopeWars
  8. FileZ
  9. MetrO
  10. EasyCalc

And do not tell me that capacitive screens are better!

Top ten software on Palm OS

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