Kodak PalmPix camera

I almost forgot that I have a Kodak PalmPix camera for Palm III. It’s a add-on thingy which can be connected to the searial (cradle) port of the Palm III and VII (and the TRG Pro and possibly some Visor machines). It’s a 640×480 fixed-focus device so it’s not spectacular today (it’s from 2000 – see the review at geek.com).

Kruzberk dam (retro)

When I searched for a desktop-based software to retrieve the pictures I also found an older review by Logout. He has a different model which is mechanically compatible with newer Palms.

The software collection (for the UNIX/Linux) is not that spectacular:

  • A palmpix software to convert the Palm PDB file to bunch of PPMs.
  • The more modern version of the “palmpix” which is incorporated in the pilot-link software.

The pilot-link version doesn’t work for me and it’s latest versions don’t compile under IRIX. The “palmpix” does but it doesn’t work (it runs perfectly under the x86 Linux, though). So I have to download the ArchImage.pdb file under the IRIX (I don’t have a serial port on my Linux PC and I cannot find my USB-serial adapter…) then send it to Linux machine for conversion to bunch if bitmap files.

Kodak PalmPix camera

4 thoughts on “Kodak PalmPix camera

  1. Alan says:

    hi, do you have the PRC for the camera? mine got lost, but i want to use the camera again. If you can, please send me, ok? thanks

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