Last Christmas I got a nice toy: the SCSI2SD card. It allows to connect (micro)SD cards to the 50-pin SCSI bus. So one can use modern storage device in a vintage computer

SGI workstation with SCSI2SD card

In my case it was a SGI Indy computer which was used as a testbed. The card allows to emulate several different device types (magneto-optical, removavable and a hard disk). In my case only the hard disk was fully recognised by the IRIX (6.5).

So I initialised this harddisk and mounted it. Thus now I have a XFS file system on the microSD. The speed of the device is probably limited by the SCSI bus (I will try to put something large on the card and wil; try to play with it in future). I hope that it will be OK…

There are some limitations, of course: the card has to be configured via an USB from PC (Linux/Windows/Mac) computer and one of the parameters is the fixed size of the disk. So it is probably not the best solution for file exchange.


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