Benchmarking 2

As a reaction to my previous post LOGOUT conducted a much larger comparison of old machines (in Czech language bu I guess that computer names and times are easily readable, also the graph).

Elektronika BK 0010-1

So I tried to start my Elektronika Bk 0010-1 to get some more data and it executes the code in 408 seconds.

A bigger problem for me is that I am unable to get a stable screen on my monitor (a B/W TV which has designed to be also used as a monitor for old Czechoslovak computer). I don’t know if the problem is in the computer, in the cable (which looks OK) or in the TV itself…

Benchmarking 2

One thought on “Benchmarking 2

  1. logout says:

    I have quite a simple suggestion: Come to Bytefest, take Elektronika with you and you can try it there with dozen of displays – CRT, LCD, new, old – you name it! 🙂

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