Pebble smartwatch update

There is a software update available for the Pebble smartwatch. It introduces the ‘timeline’ feature on the 1st generation Pebbles. And there are other changes.

The most noticeable change is the Timeline. It slightly changes the behaviour of the Pebble. The up and bottom buttons of the watch were originally used to swap the watchfaces. It was something even anoying (one had to switch between severel faces – some of them were build-in and they were non-removable). Now they are used to switch between past and future events in the calendar: the basic view is the watchface (just one which can be only changed in a setup dialog) and the buttons can be used to see the events. First I found it a bit strange but now I thing that it is a quite nice feature (the events have to be downloaded when the phone is connected via the Bluetooth).

The second thing is applications handling: there is no visible list of actually installed applications and they are downloaded to phone on the first request to use them. Thus the user can have as much applications in his smartwatch menu but not all of them are actually present in the watch and they are only in the phone. It’s a nice feature for people who have their smartwatches always connected to their smartphones but it is a bit problematic for the ones who use the watch mainly off-line (like I do).

At the moment I use only few applications (I have tried to use more of them but I don’t need more for most of the time).
I have two apps mapped to the fast start buttons. The top one is the Misfit and the bottom one is the Compass. The normal applications are in the menu in a order which is identical to their frequency of use:

  1. Misfit (it runs all the time)
  2. Alarms
  3. Compass
  4. Settings (just to turn the Bluetooth on and off)
  5. Stopwatch

And as a watchwace I use the Glow. I though of using of some games but I still didn’t found time no time nor reason to use them…

P.S. Inmediately after the update my Pebble started to show some screen issues similar to those experineced by Simon Royal. As it happens randomly and still not so often, I still not decided to take any solution.

Pebble smartwatch update

2 thoughts on “Pebble smartwatch update

  1. logout says:

    This looks like I for the first time skip the update or maybe will stop updating at all. I don’t need timeline as I do not use Pebble as a notifier for my phone [I found for this obsession nice name “notification-driven life”, I don’t want it :-)] and apps in the phone are useless for me as well, I want to have my apps on my wrist, even when my phone is somewhere else. This is a bit shame and it only supports my theory, that every update is more or less evil.

    1. Well, you are right. But the good thing is that you still can use the older OS and the old Android/iPhone application and no one will offer the “upgrade” to you.
      The Timeline feature and the new smartwatch require a new (“Pebble Time”) application on the phones.

      At the moment I use the Bluetooth just to sync my calendar events and weather data (I do it in 2-day intervals and it is enough to be online just for a few minutes) and my Pebble is offline for the rest of time. I don’t use other notifications except calendar events and alarms.

      Unfortunately, the Ubuntu Touch application came in the time when the Timeline was introduced so it doesn’s support the older Pebble OSes. So I have to use the new approach 😦

      Anyway, my wife uses the new Time Steel all-time off-line without problems (with the Misfit, the Alarms and the Compass applications, if I remember correctly).

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