Hue Bulbs and UNIX

Some people use modern things like the Phillips Hue smart bulbs. That’s an interesting thing: a replacement for traditional bulbs that can be remotely controlled from computer or smartphone. So it is possible to turn them on and off or change their light intensity and colours from the compute.

You need a bridge – a small computer which is connected to your network and which is able to sent commands to the bulbs. And a software to control the bridge. There are clients for common phone operating systems, and even these with Ubuntu Touch phones can do it. But what about the users with the real UNIX computers?

Well, there is someone who (probably between TenFourFox compilations) wrote a command line interface for Hue in a Perl: the HuePl.

The use is simple – you have to setup the things during first run (them most complicated part is finding of the brige’s IP address) and then you can start to use it. For example command to set the bulb numbered 1 to red:

huelp red 1

Jus be sure that you have a colour-capable bulbs. There are also ones with white colour only. In this case the above mentioned command doesn’t work! 😉
One can even call the HuePl from cron to made or change the light in a predefined times. I tested the thing in my home network and used the HuePl on my IRIX box.

Isn’t it cool?

Hue Bulbs and UNIX

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