Ubuntu Scopes and Apps

I decided to reduce the number of active scopes in my Ubuntu Phone to just three:

  • the Application Launcher,
  • the Today,
  • Contacts.

That’s enough because the scopes for tasks, calls and message history are still easily accessible from the Today scope (I don’t like to have the contacts in the Today scope so I use the dedicated one for them).

I don´t use many so called social apps and services so other scopes can be good and useful but I have no actual use for them.

I also reduced a number of installed applications on my phone because I do not use them: I removed all games, the searchlight app, the Calculus app, the dictionary and more. It´s partially because the Ubuntu launcher supports no re-grouping of icons (there are categories but they are not editable) so it is somewhat annoying to scroll to find these few that I use. The left-side Unity bar doesn´t help too much because it can comfortably accommodate just a limited number of icons. A user-defined category in for the desktop should help (something like ¨Favorites¨) but this possibility isn´t here.

So the most used Ubuntu Touch applications at the moment are:

  1. Web Browser
  2. Notes (Evernote-connected notetaking application)
  3. Shorts (RSS reader)
  4. Dekko (e-mail client)
  5. Weather
  6. Music player
  7. Beru (e-book reader)

No pictures for this post, sorry. I use an older Web browser (the Firefox) here so I cannnot access my images on my Flickr page at all…

Ubuntu Scopes and Apps

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