Zaurus in traveling

Note: I wote this post a long time ago. The things somewhat changed but the point of the article is still the same.

As I mentioned in one of the previous posts I have had to replace my damaged NanoNote by a more reliable but more ancient Sharp Zaurus computer. It isn’t a complete downgrade as the Zaurus is more expandable and as it has a bit more powerful hardware.

I decided to try to travel with the SL-C3200 which is my most powerfull Zaurus. The C-760 is lighter and it’s battery life is excelent (now I often use it for notetaking during meetings) but I have wanted to test the real battery life of the HDD-equipped one.

NanoNote vs Zaurus

We travelled (me and my wife) to the Prague to visit some museums. The train trip is slightly over 3 hours and walking through the Prague is about 6 hours so it doesn’t make sense to take a real laptop. My experience is that I’m usually too tired to do anything more serious than reading or writing of few notes or program lines. So the useful computer has to be small and light. The phone is usually not good enough – I have found the touchscreen typing to be too uncomfortable for me.

Zaurus in traveling

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