Off-line at vacation (well, almost)

I spent last two weeks in Low Tatras (Slovakia). They are a very nice mountains (the highest point is slightly over 2000 meters) and I like them. It wasn’t my first visit here. This time we were in the Liptovsky Jan village.

Chopok from Poludnica

The main advantage of that place is a low availability of an Internet connection. There was a low-speed WiFi signal in our hotel (it even wasn’t advertised). So no work e-mails and mostly no other internet access. I only accessed a site to download few caches and several times searched for weather forecast and for some local info.

I must say that it was great. No disturbing emails, no phone calls (I turned my phone into airplane mode).

Thus I we used just a few devices: my phone (bq Aquaris with Ubuntu), a camera (HP PhotoSmart 730), a nVidia Shield Tablet (as a backup device for photos taken by the digital camera) and the Garmin eTrex 30 GPS device (for navigation and geocaching tasks, of course.

The most used device was the Ubuntu phone: it was used for internet access (mentioned above), for notetaking (touch-based device is terrible for longer texts, but it’s OK for short notes), as a camera (when the HP was unavailable) and for storing and reading of some off-line maps and guides. I even find one geocache with it. But I prefer to use a more durable device for the geocaching (the eTrex is almost ideal for me).

Perl interpreter on Phone

I have to say that the bq Aquaris with Ubuntu is quite nice for most of tasks and it worked very well. Of course, it lacks a hardware keyboard and it has well-known problems with night photos (the flash makes them overlighted). If there will be a USB-host feature, then I will be able to leave the Android tablet at home (and thus I will able to take something more usefull with me).

Off-line at vacation (well, almost)

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