Ubuntu Phone: Weather and Terminal

This week there was a system update for the Ubuntu Touch. And smaller things are changing near daily. Actually, feature changes are rather tiny – the most of work was in the improvement of stability and features.

Most of core applications got new icons there are some new ones. The most interesting (for me) is the Weather application. It’s simple but reliable and easy to use. I thing that it’s one of the best weather applications that are available on all mobile computers.

Weather on Ubuntu Touch Phone

I also played a bit with the Terminal application. It’s a pretty clever program: Tab key can be simulated by double click, there is scrolling (one thumb scroll text, two can be used for command line history) and an additionar functional key bars are also rather well organised. The user experience is much better than on any other touch-based thing that I have had to use.

Terminal in Ubuntu Touch

Also the SSH works well: see the screenshot for a remote Midnight Commander.

And I forgot: it of course works as a phone 🙂

Ubuntu Phone: Weather and Terminal

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