News on Ubuntu Touch (phone) front

The OS of the Ubuntu phones is continuously developing. Lot of things have been improved during the last few weeks and at the moment I use my BQ Aquaris 4.5 as a main phone. Not everything is excellent, though:

  • the main scope with summary stuff (weather, tasks, calls…) behaves randomly and it often updetes without results – it even refuses to show some parts (it doesn’ depend on the fact if the phone has access to a WiFi or not)
  • some scopes (Calls, Messages) don’t update automatically – it’s a bit confusing
  • some functionality is still missing, there is still no way to see “office documents” (but there are rumours that LibreOFfice viewer is in works)
  • it is not possible to certain types of protected WiFi networks (an EDUROAM, for example)
  • it’s great that the Calendar and the Notes/Reminders (among others) got new icons but I would be much more gratefull if it will be possible to correctly add new reminders to the Calendar and if there will be a cut-and-paste functionality in the Notes…
  • a Bluetooth should be improved (I can’t connect my Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard nor the mouse)

Actually, I disabled most of scopes (jsut have a Messages, a Calls, a My Images and few other).

Czech Railways on-board page

To be a bit more positive – I have to confirm that many other thing work and they work very well. There is even a new simple off-line navigation (still haven’t tried it in a real use, though) and many other interesting pieces of software. The WWW browser has soma limitations but usually works well (see the picture taken during in the train my travel from Prague). The battery can survive more than 3 days of my typical use (but I don’t made many call and I use WiFi only one-two hours per day in average).

News on Ubuntu Touch (phone) front

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