Shorts (the program)

One of the my unresolved problems is a easy and reliable RSS feed reader. There are many of them and the greatest were and are the on-line ones. But I tend to use such software mostly off-line.

I use the snownews where possible (on my O2 and on my NanoNote) but has one big problem: it can read only the RSS feeds. There is a plug-in to read Atom ones but it is a bit unreliable. I tried to use several programs for this purpose but without success. In fact, I read feeds only on the O2 and sometimes on the NanoNote.

At the moment I don’t use any Zaurus for on-line tasks as their WiFi cards are unable to connect to any modern WiFi networks around me 😦

RSS Ubuntu Touch.

But with my new phone I decided to replace the NanoNote where possible (my Nano has still some mechanical issues and I don’t want to break it completely) so I decided to try use the Aquaris for this task.

I find one nice program – the Shorts. In the first moments I had to problem to understand what it does but after some testing I have found that it does exactly what I want: it reads feeds and saves them for off-line use. One can easily add new feeds (it supports searching so exact link is unnecessary). It is not much configurable but I even not have an idea what should be configured here.

So far I find only one issue – it is not possible to delete the unwanted feeds. The rest of the program is perfect.

P.S. If you can understand the Czech language, you can read my shortreview of the Ubuntu phone at

Shorts (the program)

2 thoughts on “Shorts (the program)

  1. Feed Reader says:

    There is also newsbeuter, which is somewhat similar to snownews, but supports atom feeds out of the box.

  2. I know. But it is quite hard to make it run on the IRIX. An if I remember correctly, there were issues with attempts to make in work on the NanoNote/OpenWRT, unfortunately.

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