Firts touch with Ubuntu Phone

Recently I find an opportunity to acquire a second-hand Aquaris bq 4.5 Ubuntu Edition. So below is a first batch of my experiences.

Ubuntu Touch lockscreen

The phone is nice and simple and really well done (for such class of things, of course). A great “Reminders” application comes pre-installed (and it has Evernote sync). It’s not (only) for reminders but it’s a very good notetaking application like the Evernote.

Ubutnu Touch: launcher

The basic OS is quite nice (easy to use). The problem is lack of applications and there also other glitches:

  1. Many things assume than one is always connected (even Today scope every time searches for someting on the net – that’s anoying).
  2. No off-line navigation or map application.
  3. No integrated CalDAV/WebDAV/CartDAV sync (there is syncevolution which can be used but only form the command line – and it’s pretty uncomfortable on a touch-based computer).
  4. Most applications are just polished web pages (so they don’t work off-line), even the GMail app.
  5. The WWW browser does not remember passwords or other entered texts.
  6. There is a quite nice ebook reader and a pair o PDF viewers but no way to view DJVu, dox/docx/odt or other office file formats.

Beskydy from Klimovice (Koenigsberg)

That’s all for the moment. Still playing with it…

Firts touch with Ubuntu Phone

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