What is in my bag?

There is a group at the Flickr which is called “What is in my bag”. Some people are showing their stuff here and sometimes it is interesting that people can take with them. I’m not a member of this group. But I find that an evolution of so-called necessary things can be very strange.

My current equipment (which is in my shoulder bag) is quite simple:

  • keys and a wallet (no surprise here, I think),
  • two pens (a Rotring Tikky II and a combined laser-light-stylus one),
  • small notepad,
  • iPhone 3G with a wired headset,
  • a calculator.
  • The calculator is actually a BASIC-programmable pocket computer (the Elektronika MK-85 or the Casio FX-700P). It is usefull when I want to compute something. The phone is good for music and as a calendar but there is no good programming environment nor the calculator for the 3G (I mean one that can actually be installed and can really work here). Also the calculator has battery life which can be measure in weeks or years, unlike the phone.

    If you are curious why I carry so less devices with me, there is a simple reason: I travel to my work by walk (one way is less under 3 km) which makes no use for any reading/browsing device. And at work I have a deskop so I can do most of work on it. If I need to work outside my office then the phone and the calculator i usually just enough. That’s it. For longer trips I usually take a tablet or the Zaurus, of course.

What is in my bag?

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