Some random thoughts

I’m still trying to find an optimal software and hardware for me. Of course, it is a never-ending process because the needs are constantly changing.

I was a (relatively) long-time user of the remind calendar program. It’s a CLI program with huge possibilities and it was more than optimal for me for a long time: it is small, and extremely flexible. It has only one disadvantage: it is meant for personal use – it means than it is not so easy to synchronise it between several different devices and it is very hard to convice non-UNIX users to use it, even for read-only use (rsync and diff are not options for everyone…).

Thus I was forced to use the WebDAV protocol and the tools that are available on different platforms that I use online:

  • Mozilla Lightning on IRIX (that’s extremelly slow on my SGI O2)
  • Thunderbird on Linux or W7 (at work)
  • default calendar app on iOS/Android

Honestly, all these tools are far inferior to the remind. The only advantage is that the calenar can be shared with other people.

For programming I still use the Vim (or vi if necessary) plus a command-line C compiler (the GCC in the most cases). I started to use the BASIC to be able to program my older machines (Elektronika calculators or Atari Portfolio) but I still tend to program the stuff in the C first and then to rewrite it to the BASIC. It’s a strange approach but so far it forks for me. To test BASIC codes on a desktop I use the ByWater BASIC interpreter. Older versions of this interpreter can be easily compiled on the IRIX.

And I still use the GNU Octave for math stuff and for work-related utilities. It’s easily available and it works well (at least for me).

That’s all for today…

Some random thoughts

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