Hardware Failures…

Unfortunately, recently I have experienced several failures of not-so-old hardware:

  • the Ultra 20 stopped to work (looks like power source problem),
  • the SL-C760 Zaurus started to recharge very rapidly and now it refuses to start at all (no idea about the problem),

Sun Ultra 20 Workstation (2005)

Ben NanoNote vs Zaurus SL-C7600

Also the Elektronika MK-90 refuses to start (there are some strange sounds, probably some recapping will be needed). But it is much older than the other machines (it’s from 1990).

Portable PDP-11 computer

Hardware Failures…

One thought on “Hardware Failures…

  1. logout says:

    I hope, you manage to solve these problems! I know how depressing it can be, dealing with older machines that break from time to time, but when working, they are better than the new ones!

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