Paladin re-iterated

I have tried to resuscitate my old tablet: the Ainol Novo 7 Paladin. I stopped to use it near before two years because I thought that it is damaged.

First I tried to run it without microSD card (and it worked), then I added spare card to it and then I have started to optimise the installed software. After removing of about 90% of applications the tablet have started to be snappy and responsive. Some problems have remained – a random effects (ghost presses) on the touscreen are the most annoying.

MIPS Tablet

Some of software cannot be installed at all – it’s a MIPS device and it is not able to run any native ARM code. Thus the C:Geo and many others are out of the interest here. The device also does not have GPS, nor Bluetooth  so navigations and the Pebble cannot be used here. Also, there is no camera so no photos can be taken and no barcode or QR-code stuff can be red.

It can run the FBReader, the WordPress, the Evernote and also a Gopher client (the Overbite). So the most important stuff is available. Also on-line LaTeX and Octave clients are available (Anoc/VerbTeX).

It can be a nice device for places with higher risk of loss or damage. I have an increasing feeling that most of my pocket devices are too precious to be carried to such places (Zauri, Palms, Psions) so an availability of a cheap, small and light tablet is a good thing.

Paladin re-iterated

3 thoughts on “Paladin re-iterated

  1. logout says:

    Cheap tablet is indeed a nice thing, but there is little “but” – no keyboard. I have higher model of Ainol and it’s almost for two years in the library – a) Android is for me a bit of nightmare to use in a long term, b) internal flash memory stopped working one day, since then SD card is required for everything and some apps even can’t be installed, because they need internal flash and c) no keyboard is a dealbreaker for the stuff I need from portable device. So for longer trips it is more practical to carry Efika Smartbook. I wish that true handheld device with nice keyboard (without phone integrated) with parameters of Paladin was on market!

  2. The absence of keyboard is indeed a problem. 😦 Anyway, I do near no usefull stuff on the tablet, just some WWW browsing, reading os stuff and very little editing (Evernote, some office-related texts and so). And viewing of maps when outsid (well, no real navigation as the Paladin has no GPS…)

  3. And I have no BASIC interpreter on the Paladin. 😦 On the nVidia Shield there is possibility to use the SmallBASIC (but highly prefereably with external keyboard and mouse, of course… 😉 ).

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