My digital camera

Near any portable device today has an integrated digital camera (even my phone has one). Their quality differ and it is obvious that big number of megapixels has no direct relation to quality of photos.

I still hightly prefer a dedicated device (with optical zoom) for taking pictures. In my humble opinion even a small digital camera is better than most of camqeras build in phones and tablets.

So I still use a HP PhotoSmart 735 thing. It is enough for a quality level of pictures that I am able to make. Also it is relatively easy to use and it uses easily available consumables: 2xAA as a power source and a MMC/SD carts for pictures (it supports sizes up to 1 GB, I thing). The optical zoom is only 3x but it is indefinitely better than a digital zoom (which is common among flat devices like phones and tablets).

The device is quite compatible with my other devices: the camera can be attached to a Linux computer via USB and it is also possible to take the card and read it in the Zaurus (the December viewer is nice for this task, by the way).

Smrk and Šance in 2005

I first got this camera in 2004 and used it until 2011 (the card slot died and there probably were issues with batteries). The device worked flawlessly for at least 5 years in a quite harsh conditions: it travelled at least 6000 km on my bike (including about 1500 km on mountain roads).
Then, I tried to replace it several times but with only a very limites success. I tried to use more modern cameras (even better ones) but finally (in 2012) I bought a “new” HP 735 with dock for a very low price. Shortly after that it became my only camera once more.

Beskydy: Smrk mountain

It is obvious that newer cameras have some stabilization, they are smaller and lighter (well, size is the biggest minus of my HP) but I am able to take the best photos with it. All photos that I took with other cameras, looks too ugly for me. So I still keep this old device.

My digital camera

One thought on “My digital camera

  1. logout says:

    This is why I prefer older digital cameras over the new ones. Lower pixel density means lower noise on lower ISO settings and the image is very good looking. My Sigma DSLR has 3.5mpx on APS-C chip and I like it best.

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