Virtual desktops vs launcher pages

These modern mobile operating systems (the Android and the iOS, for example) use launchers with icons that are divided to several pages. As a long-term X11 user I was excited about this feature at first. I have been using virtual desktops from my first contact with the X Window System and the FVWM (actually it was the FVWM95 if you remember it).

And this modern approach resembles the virtual desktops: there are icons to launch programs and small applications that are running on the desktop. But that’s all: there is no binding between these desktops and the running applications. So their use is different. In the first moments of the use of my mobile toys (the iPhone 3G and the my first tablet Ainol Novo 7 Paladin) I had many desktops with tons of icons (and applets on the Android).

Analogically to the Logout’s experience, during the time I have found that 5 desktops full of icons it too much not only for the poor tablet but also for me. I use frequently just a few applications and the rest is here only to make my work harder.

So I have started to reduce number of installed applications and even more radically the number of stuff in launchers. It was easier to do on the iPhone as I am already not able to install most of applications that I want to try. Actually I frequently use jus a phone, sms and email applications. And the alarm clock and themusic player (I bought a few songs via iTunes shortly after got the phone). There are few more apps but I use them very infrequently. For example the Geocaching app I started only once this year and just to test if it still works. So now I have just one launcher page on the phone.

The tablet is a bit different case. The Novo 7 died so I had no opportunity to do anything here. Now we have a nVidia tablet at home. With respect to previous experiences I tried to keep the number of desktops under four. But I found that it is still too much. So at the moment there are just two desktops: one (the main one) for free time (maps, guides, games) and one for the work (LaTeX, Octave, C4Droid, PIM, office and cloud stuff). The work desktop is used just sometimes as the tablet is of course not my main workstation. And there is just 1 applet (the Czech and Slovak names and holidays).

And I still thing that there is space for some further reductions…

Virtual desktops vs launcher pages

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