iPhone 3G today

Well, I add this post into the Retrocomputing category as most of people thing that the 3G is totally obsolete and useless phone.

In my opinion it is still more useful that it has in the time of its release (2009) and there are some useful applications for it. I got it for playing and without real plans to use it. But it happened that now it is the only working phone that I have and thus it is my main phone (I hope I will be able to find something more open one day – I’m still mot sure that the BQ Aquarius Ubuntu phone is exactly that I want).

Finally I have decided to install few applications that can possibly extend the usability of the phone. Many of apps require newer iPhones so the number of useable ones is not so high. Also, most of the apps is outdated so only security-unrelated stuff can be interesting.

Some of tool unfornunately don’t work (Evernote, iGopher). But some do:

  1. WordPress (but I’m not sure about security here – it’s a old version)
  2. Free RSS reader
  3. DJVu viewer
  4. MapsWithMe
  5. Geocaching
  6. Alois Nebel Czech cartoon

Actually, I sometimes use only the RSS reader…

iPhone 3G today

2 thoughts on “iPhone 3G today

  1. logout says:

    Maps.ME will actually drop support for older devices in following versions. Even current version, which still supports my iPad1 is crashing constantly and there is no way how to downgrade to previous version (that before December 2014), which worked fine. I wrote an e-mail to developers and they just told me that they have no time to solve problems of devices this old (I still can’t get used to world, where four-year-old device is “this old”).

    WordPress is an old version, but works great, I even managed to write a blogpost in the bus on iPad in this app and I use it to moderate comments on my blog. Speaking about blog – I see you have a new design here. It works amazingly well (for how much javascript I see in the source) in older dillo2 browser, which is what I use on some machines.

  2. Well, I have planned to use iPhone just as a phone so these problems are acceptable form me (these Maps seems to work well on the iPhone – no crash so far).
    But it’s terrible to see that 30 years old computers are much better supported than few years old ones…

    Thank you for the notice about the Dillo experience. I use Links as a low-end browser and all moderns sites are equally ugly in the Links…

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