Android notes

As I wrote in one of the older posts, now I have an Android tablet in my hands. Although I have no ambition to use it in a regular basis, I still trying to find if it can be used for some tasks. So this article is rather as list of my thoughts and list of unsorted information about my software preferences.


The “TeX Writer” application works for me. It can run offline and it can download missing packages (when on-line, of course). It as probably designed for a phone but it works quite well on the tablets, too. I’m using it to make Beamer presentations.


The BusyBox Installer Pro is quite nice (it incorporates also the scp, the bash and a lot of busybox stuff, including the vi editor). It looks like the Terminal app from store is good enough.

Image viewer

I just hate the default applications. The QuickPic is my favorite (can show both local files and various on-line services, has an intelligent directory selection/hidding possibilities and more).

File manager

The Total Commander. The Midnight Commander would be better for me but this touchy thing is excellent, too. There is just one big caveat: there is no SCP 😦

Text editor

A vi in the busybox or the VimTouch.


It’s a topic for a new post. There are many possibilities. I have played  with the SmallBasic. It is possible to easily start the scripts via TotalCommader and edit them with VimTouch. The *.has files are associated with these applications so both things are easy.


Well, some problems are here. Every application uses its own space to store data. It may be secure but it hurts interoperability. Plus the names of these directories are so complicated (so shell use is a hell). Access lot SD card via USB is terrible (no USB mass storage). And send access rights were changed spring OS updates so now I’m not able to edit or delete 5 GB of my photos… There are other annoying details which works without issues on a desktop but are impossible here. Still it is much more open system than the Apple’s one, DG or example.

Android notes

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