My mobile phone

I have to confess that I use an iPhone for more than one year. Yes, that ugly, limited propietary thing. Why?

Well, it is along and funny story. As I have noticed in my previous post, I have a problem with wear-off of some of my devices. Unfortunately, the all my phones have had the same problem (both OpenMoko FreeRunner and the GTA04 phone are machanically damaged with some detached buttons and connectors). I also used a Nokia smartphone but it has the same problem (it wasn’t new when I got it).

In January 2014 I got a old iPhone 3G from one of my colleagues. She got a new and larger smartphone (something Android-based, I thing) and she pass her old phone to me. The iPhone has had a new battery and I also have hot a pouch and two power adapters with it. I initially have wanted only to play with thi thing (I had several Apple gadgets in the past and I still have an G iMac and a G4 Mini but I never ever used an Apple phone before).

Unfortunately, the rest of my phones died shortly after that and the iPhone became my main (and the only working) phone shortly after its purchase. I wasn’t initially very happpy from that because it’s limits are obvious: no access to file system (so no USB mass storage, no easy data transfer, no…), terrible iTunse/App Store support for legacy devices and much more.

Rezavka Nature Reservation

Anyway, there are some good things: it is actually usable as a phone. It can be easily used for phone calls and for sending of SMSs. The battery life is also nice (at least for the touscreen-based device). It can last after about 4-5 days of my normal use (no WiFi, no data connection, just calls and SMS with some music).

It’s also good as a music player (except the terrible part of obtaining music via the iTunes, of course – but this has to be done only once). To be honest it is the only Apple device that I am able to use on a daily basis (both my Apple desktops are used very infrequently). There is also a camera. It has fixed focus and the camera itself is rather a basic one. The picture in this post was taken by this camera, by the way.

That’s all. I can’t install must stuff here (Logout has a nice article in Czech about the possibilities but my device has much older iOS so my situation if obviously much worse). Actually, I am satisfied. It does amost only one thing for me (it serves as an phone) and it does it well.

My mobile phone

4 thoughts on “My mobile phone

  1. logout says:

    Quite unexpected, but well – you can use quite anything as a phone, so why not an iPhone? As for durability – 3G has a plastic back, so I presume that first harder hit in outdoor and it’s broken. But that’s still much better than the new glass/aluminium or glass/glass models, these break from both sides very easily.

    One way or another – I hope this is not decline from your open source standards (with hint of obscure platforms), that we all like to read about! 🙂

    1. Well, it’s an interim solution. But the battery life and usability for phone calls/SMSs is OK for me. So now I have no real plan to replace it: I will wait until I find something more open source with comparable battery life and durability. Initially I thought about getting an another OpenMoko FreeRunner but they are too expensive now (

      The durability is not a big problem – the back is protected by additional hardcase (I got it because the back plactic was already very ugly).

      Actually, after an experience with several smartphones I’m thinking about getting a basic phone with just calls and SMS functionality and to use a PDA (the Zaurus with some more software) for everything else.

  2. logout says:

    Problem with a basic phone is that you really can’t connect it to the computer and transfer at least your contacts. As for myself – I use smartphones for a long time, because I want to have my data synchronized (calendar, contacts, etc.) and there is no such choice for cheap phones, no matter the brand.

    I’m sure, I could use a “dumb” phone and handheld of some kind instead of smartphones, because I did so a decade ago, but back then even when phone was good just for calling, SMS and maybe as a calendar, it still had at least serial port or IrDA, so you could manage your PIM data on your desktop. Now you can buy cheap Nokia, Samsung or LG phones for few hundreds of CZK, but they usually have just a charger connector and that’s all. And I don’t want to re-type all phone numbers to new phone by hand.

    (Really good was SonyEricsson TXT couple of years ago. QWERTY keyboard, just the basic functionality, but everything was stored as a csv file on USB mass storage – messages, contacts, everything. Now nobody does this.)

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