Upgrades and changes

I have done several upgrades in my hardware inventory. The first change has been my mouse. I still use a mechanical (yes, that one with a ball inside!) 3-button, wired and SGI-branded mice. But now I have a new mouse (previously unused) instead of a 10 years old one. The old mouse started to have problems (there are: damaged central button, imprecise movements even after cleaning and more). I still use the SGI O2 as my main home workstation. I also removed the A/V board and replaced it with the simpler audio-only one. Just to save some energy and to reduce heat (I have found that I rarely use the video inputs and outputs).
It is interesting that there are some new pieces of software: a tool for the eBay, for example.

I also decided to unify my actively used calculators. I used a HP49 at work in the past but only as a dumb calculator (and my HP48 was actually never used for any real work). It was partially replaced by the Casio FX-700P. The FX-700P is much smaller and simpler and (as a BASIC-equipped device) more compatible with my style of work. But at home I use the good old Soviet Elektronika MK-52 which is more cool (it also has a bigger keys and more visible captions which is more important for me). So I decided to have two MK-52s: one at home and one at work.
Anyway, I have started to use the FX-700P for traveling. Just for it small size and minimal weight. Also I have got a tape recorder and tried it for saving and restoring of the FX-700P memory. It works nicely.

There are also some new pieces in my old computer collection. More about them in next posts.

There are also some downgrades: both of my NanoNotes are weared off and are hard to use (there are mechanical failures, the electronics seems to be OK). At the moment I have no plan to return them to life (it might be possible to combine them into one working machine but it will need some preparations and some free time). At the moment I use a Zaurus SL-C760 as a partial replacement (I already send a blog post about It).

There are little news on an open-source and Linux front. I still have a ThinkPad laptop with Debian for some tasks.

Anyway, there is one new toy – the Nvidia Shield Tablet. I got it for my wife but, understably, I still playing with it. ☺ Actually, there was no plan for a gaming tablet. But I wanted a mainstream device for some Android-based stuff (Pebble, Thermodo, some work-related things). And after a bad experience with cheaper stuff and also with bad references related to devices of many big producers I have decided to try the Nvidia’s product. And hardware-wise, it is a quite nice device (sans the Android, of course). A big screen, a good touchpad, a normal (!), thin stylus and more… I’m using it to prepare this blog post.
I must say that use of a on-screen keyboard  is comfortable at all so I use a Bluetooth keyboard to write longer texts (I have an old Nokia SU-8W that I got for my Nokia 770 and a cheap new one from Evolveo). The SU-8W is better for traveling (it is a small folding keyboard) and the second one is bigger (it’s not foldable) but it is more comfortable to use because it has size of notebook keyboards and it has most of normal keys. And a tactile feedback is also a bit better. Also there are no lost keypresses or repeating letters which sometimes occur during use of an older Bluetooth keyboards.

Upgrades and changes

2 thoughts on “Upgrades and changes

  1. logout says:

    It’s funny how portables, mobiles and handhelds change, but desktop still stays the same. It’s the very same situation for me – I have my G5 now for five years (I forgot the “anniversary” because on that day my wife was giving a birth :-)), but I had countless smartphones, handhelds and notebooks. If I only can find anythin as satisfactory as my desktop is in these mobile areas.

    1. I think so. I got my main desktop in 2005 so I use it for 10 years now (and 12 years of use of a SGI as a main desktop).

      The main PDAs were (If I remember all of them correctly): Palm Vx -> Nokia 770 -> Nokia N800 -> Nokia N810 -> Palm III -> NanoNote -> HP 200LX -> NanoNote -> Zaurus.

      The Palm III was a problem – I had a model with some problems (IIIx?) and an IBM WorkPad (which died). Now I use a TrgPro (a Palm III with a CF card slot) for few specific tasks.

      The PSIONs were never used as my main PDAs (Organiser I and II, Series 3, 5, 5x, Workabout, MC400). My 200LX has also some problems (it was modded by previous user and it is a bit faster but also much less reliable).

      Mobiles… actually, I don’t like them. I refused to use a phone for a long time (until 2001, I think). I had a Siemens (c55?), three or so various Nokias and all the OpenMoko stuff (GTA01, GTA02, GTA04).

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