Sharp Zaurus SL-6000N

Well, I got this thing before some time but I didn’t find time to write something about it (it’s the one on the left). It was the last one in Pulster‘s stocks 😉

Sharp Zaurus SL-6000N

It’s the biggest Linux-based Zaurus and also probably one of the biggest PDAs. The hardware is similar to other Zauri but it has a more traditional PDA layout – landscape screen (4+”, $480×640) and a keyboard under the screen – it is hidden under sliding panel with controls. Even being pretty heavy it is still very easy to hold and use. Actually I got it for few trips as it is nice for reading (with the FBReader), taking notes or playing music (but one can compile programs or edit and compile LaTeX documents or even edit DOC and XLS files on it, if necessary).

And it also looks very vell in its leather case (Piel Frama one).

A note: if the 6000N’s display looks to be too dim, it is because I use lowest level of backlight (it’s enough for normal use but it looks bad under the camera flash). The NanoNote (the black clamshell thing in the reight of picture) has only one backligh level.

Sharp Zaurus SL-6000N

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