PDP-11 for a (big) pocket

Do you think that PDP-11 computers can only work in a conditioned rooms? And that they are not portable. Well, you are almost right. But in the Soviet Union everythink was possible. They even had a portable PDP-11! It was called Elektronika MK-90.

Well, it is a bit limited machine: it has a LSI-11-compatible CPU and it run an ancient version of the BASIC interpreter. No UNIX can be used here because of a very limited memory (16 kB) and storage (up to two MPO-10 battery-backed memory moduli of 16 kB each).

Portable PDP-11 computer

Anyway, it is a cool little computer with graphical capabilities and other nice features. Ant it runs on four AA batteries.

So I finally have my very own PDP-11!

PDP-11 for a (big) pocket

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