Psion laptops: MC400 and MC600

This post was written just to show you the picture of both machines.

Psion laptops: MC400 and MC600

The boxes are near identical externally (the MC400 has a large touchpad just near the screen and the MC600 has additional button and small display instead of the touchpad).

The rest of hardware is mostly identical (the MC600 has more memory due to DOS requirements) except some I/O connectors.

I still haven’t used my MC400 too much because it’s software is somewhat unusual (even the interface and keyboard shortcuts are different from later SIBO machines, like the Psion Series 3). At least it is good for development of non-interactive OPL codes.

Psion laptops: MC400 and MC600

One thought on “Psion laptops: MC400 and MC600

  1. logout says:

    Yeah OPL is really good for automating things. Just recently I needed a good way how to discharge AA batteries with more-or-less the same current. I wrote short OPL code for Psion 5mx which was flashing different parts of screen with black/white, measuring current and power consumed. It worked very well (197mA +/- 1mA current all the time).

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