Modern desktops :-(

I use an Atom-based desktop computer as my desktop at work. It’s not too bad: it is relatively small and quiet and when it was new it was also pretty fast (it was about 2 year ago). From the beginning I have using the Ubuntu with its default desktop on this machine. And there is a problem: from the Unity times it have became slower and slower.

I also tried the Gnome Shell and the results are the same – it is unacceptably slow. Opening of a new window or switching to other desk requires lots of time. One of the reasons is probably the limited 3D power of my machine (but the Nautilus is also terribly slow, too).

There are also other annoyances (both bugs and unwanted features) in both mentioned environments.

I don’t have time to experiment with other modern environments. So I decided to use something that works. The FVWM.


Actually I have using the FVWM for long time (for about 12 years). I stopped using it at work before many years and I used the GNOME 2 because it looks better and it was easily usable for my colleagues (but I home I always have used the FVWM). So I just copied my .fvwm2rc file to the machine and started to use it… even the Nautilus is now faster.

P.S. The screenshot is not from that computer. It was actually taken before some time at home. But thinks looks very similar on both computers.

Modern desktops :-(

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