Raspberry Pi

There is a hype about this thing and probably there is a bunch of users with unrealistic expectations (at least here in Central Europe – I have find many offers of second hand Pis on local auctions server).

Nanonote + Raspberry Pi + Freerunner

So I got one. With a Debian port (called Rapsbian) it is very good for connecting of my Ben NanoNote to the Internet, for sharing of USB sticks with computers without USB ports and it can also run software which I can’t or don’t want to install on other machines (the Octave or the OpenSCAD, for example). It is powerful enough for that so I am happy and satisfied user 😉

There are also other uses for the Pi which I may explore in future, of course.

Raspberry Pi

4 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi

  1. Nanonote and Freerunner – I always wanted both of them, but with my device flow they were too expensive to buy. But last year I bought Efika MX Smartbook – small laptop with ARM CPU and it’s great. Hardware a bit better than RasPi, 6-7 hours with 3cell battery, integrated camera, 3G modem and WiFi, 16GB SSD, 512MB RAM – good machine to carry around anywhere.

    1. Well, I had an Efika MX Smarttop for a short time (until it died) and it was a very capable desktop (it much more powerful and responsible than the Pi with the Raspbian – it’s comparable on paper but not in reality, I even find the Ubuntu/GNOME speed rather acceptable; the Pi’s lightweight desktop is more slugish). So I can imagine how good the portable Efika MX can be. But 10″ notebook is too small for me (both screen and keyboard) thus it is not an option for me: too small for serious work and too big for lightweight stuff (notetaking, music, calculator tasks, lightweight programming and so on). The 12″ Thinkpad is just OK for real work but the 10″ laptop is too small (it’s like the 10″ Eee, right? I had it and I hate it).

      I got the Pi as a replacement for the Efika because I don’t need the extra power for the mentioned tasks and it is more available (and cheaper) now.

      For the Freerunner: I got it for 500 CZK. It’s excellent for this price.

  2. Well, even my Efika MX Smartbook “died” – it couln’t work with integrated 3G modem, everytime I connected to 3G, internal disk became corrupted and system crashed with tons of USB-related errors. They replaced it with a new one in couple of weeks and for free.

    I use it with Debian + dwm window manager and it is really fast. I prefer desktops (iMac and PowerMac at the moment) and I use laptop only couple of days in a month and so 10″ is for me OK, but I can see your point. BTW. Efika has Lenovo chiclet keyboard, the same as some Lenovo IdeaPads.

    I find RasPi interresting, because it probably could be run from cheap solar panel. And if I could get Freerunner for 500CZK, I would say it’s excellent as well 🙂

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