!11-PDP eht ni deppart m’I !pleH

Well, I just have tried to compile and run of my code on a real PDP-11 computer. Sander Reiche has been so kind to make public acces to his MicroPDP-11/83 computer with 2.11BSD UNIX (it’s the real UNIX, you know?)

Connected to PDP-11

I have had problems with telnet access (telnet port is mostly blocked in networks around me) so I have had to use the simh emulator to try my code. It is mostly written from scratch (but it reuses some parts from my MicroDef) because C compiler on 2.11BSD only supports the old K&R syntax of the language (of course…). The program is of course mostly non-interactve and produces only textual outputs.

But at the end I has been able to connect to the PDP and recompile and run my code on the real hardware.

If you are interested, the code is on usual place.

By the way, the code can be compiled also for DOS platforms (and of course it compiles and runs on any Linux). So I can enjoy it on my HP 95LX or on my Ben NanoNote (but I can run a bit more advanced MicroDef on the Ben).

!11-PDP eht ni deppart m’I !pleH

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