Traveling with NanoNote

There is nothing important in this post.

Recently I have used my Ben NanoNote during several shorter trips.

The first one was a trip to Prague to attend the Openmobility conference. I used the NanoNote as a music player, as a notetaking device and also as a source of sound for the Milkymist One during a short demo at the Openmobility.

Gmenu2x on NanoNote

I’m routinely using the Ben for taking of notes so I have used it also during my trips to several conferences and meetings (Brno, Kosice). It’s very practical because the Ben is small and compact so it can be always available. The only problem is that I’m not able to connect it to WiFi networks (my WiFi card died before some time) so I have to carry a phone for e-mails and for www browsing.

Traveling with NanoNote

2 thoughts on “Traveling with NanoNote

    1. Hello,

      I’m sorry for the delay. Yes, it is possible to use the Czech characters at least with the “fbterm” terminal (the default one uses font without them, I think). Gtk+ and Qt applications can show them, too. Thhe e-book reader (the Bard Storyteller) also handles them properly.

      But I never tried to set up the Czech keyboard so I don’t know if there are any problems (Russian keyboards works without problems so the only problem mith be to find or create the proper keymap).

      However, some default applications in the OpenWRT are compiled without support for on-ascii encodings (mutt, less).

      Czech characters on  Ben Nanonote

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