Bard Storyteller text reader

There is another new and nice piece of software for our Ben NanoNotes – the Bard Storyteller e-book reader.

Bard Storyteller text reader on NanoNote

At the moment it can only read plain text files but a support for XHTML and ePub is planned. And it supports the voice synthesis CMU Flite software so it can also read the texts for you. I have been using the Bard with the default Flite wersion which is shipped with the OpenWRT. It is not recommended (a more recent Flite should be used instead) but it works very well for me.

The version 0.6 of the Bard allows to configure text and background colors for all windows. It has to be done inside the ~/.bard_config file but it is easy to do. For example, I have changed background color from white to light gray which is better for my eyes. As you can judge from the screenshot, font sizes can be easily changed at run-time.

Bard Storyteller text reader

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